Top 3 tips to sell more and increase your average transaction price

23 May Top 3 tips to sell more and increase your average transaction price

When your customer approaches the checkout, the process should be fast and simple. They’ve spent their precious time picking out products they wish to buy and sometimes spent a millennia trying clothing or shoes on and possibly frustrated when items didn’t fit! By the time they reach checkout, they just want to pay and get out of there!

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Use the very best in inventory management software

Your staff should also have an easy and quick process to offer an up sell or current discount while at the checkout without frustrating the customer. Long wait times and ineffective customer service can lead consumers to look elsewhere for a better shopping experience. No one likes waiting…

The right POS system for your retail store will make the process easier and quicker for your staff. Here’s our top three tips on using your Point of Sale system to increase transaction price and sell more at the checkout!

1. Central Customer Management

Keeping loyal customers is about customised information and amazing service.

When you visit your local café for your morning coffee, chances are all the staff know your order. It makes you feel good, appreciated. When running a large retail business, with multiple staff and locations it can be impossible to give this same experience without the correct retail software!

A good retail point of sale system will help your business keep track of consumers’ purchase histories. All your customer information should be kept and managed from one central place, whether the order come in via the web, eBay, phone or one of your other integrated eCommerce channels. Finding and exporting this information needs to be easy.

Using this information and your POS terminal, staff can recommend products and services which relate to the customer. With the potential to increase sales and positively increase the customer experience.

Taking this information further, you can create tailored marketing lists. Use these to send out emails (eDMs), SMS or physical mail to send personalised marketing. Demographic information is available with marketing opt-in for data protection. Here at Intelligent Retail®, we often find retailers significantly under use marketing – with some not doing any at all! The answer always comes down to lack of information and time. This is why we always recommend using the correct tools to make things quick and easy!

2. Increase your Upselling at the Checkout

Upselling is about using the right information, at the right time.

Take this example:

Your customer has picked out a shirt, they have spent time trying it on and found the right size and have made the final decision to purchase – they approach a staff member at the checkout. If your POS system has good inventory management system, it will let the staff member know:

‘That shirt goes well with this Jacket and that Jacket is 50% off right now, there are 5 left in stock in the same size as the shirt.’

Fantastic! The staff member can use this information to up sell. The customer is presented with awesome customer service, the chance to ‘save’ money and complete a matching outfit. If the client isn’t interested? Not a worry, they’ve had a good experience and will remember your store as ‘the nice store who helped me out’.

The above is only possible when your inventory is updated in real-time to keep you updated on what products you have in store and current back orders. Multichannel POS systems will also keep track of stock on your website, eBay and others. Having the right system in place helps empower your staff with not only the right information, but helpful information to improve customer experience and up sell and minimise customer wait time.

There’s a reason Macca’s started saying ‘do you want fries with that?’ because it works.

3. Customer Loyalty

So, your customers are receiving awesome customer service and their average transactions are higher because of your up selling and marketing promotions. Now, how do you get your customers to keep coming back automatically? Offer them a customer loyalty program – where they get rewarded to shop more!

A customer loyalty management tool can improve customer retention. You could even use your own dedicated loyalty cards. Keep things simple, with customers earning loyalty points on every purchase.

Encourage new customers to join your loyalty program and in turn you can capture the details for future marketing.

With Connect, customers can see their loyalty balance on receipts and redeem it as credit against future purchases. Staff can view a customer’s loyalty balance at the sell & payment screens. Applying credit during checkout is as easy as clicking a payment type.

It’s a win-win situation: your customers return and get rewarded for doing so, while improve your relationship with them and increase your bottom line.



Though these 3 tips to help you sell more seem obvious – but without the right tools they can be difficult to implement.

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