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Grow your business with Connect.

Connect is a Multichannel retail management system. Sell in store, online, on eBay and more all within the one place.

Connect is used in a range of retail businesses, from small to large.

We are an Australian company and will not only provide you with the amazing POS software Connect, but can supply all hardware and consumablescomplete installationtraining systems for your staff and 7 day Australian based support.

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Sell in store

Sell online

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The possibilities are endless with Connect!


The till is very secure so you can rely on your staff to cash up, give change and take gift receipts. We offer a security package where every transaction is recorded via security cameras.

Product Management

Manage your retail inventory in a few clicks across all stores. Update, change prices and more for perfect stock management!


Connect's amazing stock control management system is perfect for either Head Office to manage, supply stock or allow individual stores manage their own.

Supplier Management

Keep an eye on your suppliers performance quickly and easily. Make informed decisions with Connect.


With just a few clicks, your accounts information is provided for your accountant to use in any accounts package.

Staff management

We know how difficult it can be communicating to staff across multiple stores. Communicate from head office in regards to new stock, promotions, anything you need!


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Scale up!

Connect can run multiple stores across any distance via the Cloud. Simply add-on more tills and sites as you grow. Whether you have 2 or 2,000 stores, the Connect retail management system will grow with you – and we will be there every step of the way!


Our online learning centre makes training staff a breeze! No need for time consuming face-to-face training or expensive interstate flights! New staff can complete training online at their own leisure! We can even design courses especially tailored for your business.


Connect is a Point of Sale system with true Multichannel capabilities. Easily sell products online across multiple eCommerce platforms, such as one or more websites, eBay, Amazon and more!

Simplified Reporting

Knowledge is key to grow your network! Our easy to use and fully interactive reporting system will give you in-depth data. Quickly see an overview of the business, a group of stores, a particular product, right down to a particular day and time – this system really will transform your business!

Customer Support

Training & Support

Our training can be conducted face-to-face or online, singularly or in groups – we cater to your needs!

We also have an online learning centre, which can be customised for you!  Including even adding your own courses such as OH&S. Your staff can be trained before they even step foot within the store! Courses can be offered to your staff for free, or have payment terms attached to your discretion.

We’re an Australian company, with our head office in Sydney and offices worldwide. Our in-house support team are there every step of the way to help you.

Improve Customer Service

Connect will help your staff sell more and keep customers happier as Connect makes it so quick to find information on items, locate products and find alternatives. Staff can look up a customer’s sales history and process returns without receipts at any of your stores if customer purchased under their account.

Better Marketing

Your marketing team will love Connect! Create marketing lists from Connect and send out email, mail or SMS blasts from your marketing program. Connect has a marketing opt-in option for customers. Use Connect’s amazing business information reporting tool to refine marketing promotions and targets!

Run a Loyalty Program

Having a customer loyalty management tool can improve customer retention and allows you to give your customers rewards for being loyal to your brand. Set up a points based reward system in moments, create promo codes and gift vouchers!

Stock level


Connect is more than a simple POS, it’s a whole retail management system! Quickly see patterns, key strengths, even struggling stores at a glance. Online based, you can access reporting from anywhere at any time. Compare stores, areas or states… all your POS data is there! We can customise the system to your specific needs.

Hardware & Consumables

We offer the very best in POS hardware from leading brands. Your hardware can even have your branding applied! No need to worry about sourcing consumables such as receipt paper, we’ll take are of that too!



Multichannel: What is it and why we’re the best at it!

Our Point of Sale system Connect is different to others as it runs not only physical stores, but online sales channels too allowing you to grow!

‘Multichannel’ simply means that along with your bricks and mortar stores (physical channel), you sell via eCommerce channels, such as via one or multiple websites, eBay, Amazon and more!

We’re excited about our Multichannel system because it allows you to grow your business with minimal time and effort! Connect has amazing stock control, if a product sells on eBay Connect tells your other sales channels, it’s that simple! Imagine keeping track of all your sales channels with the one system, with just a few clicks. No technical talk needed, no difficult system to learn, just a simple easy to use solution!


Already have a website? Not a worry, we integrate with several website systems! Don’t have a website? We can make one for you too using our specially designed eCommerce website template which takes advantage of Connect’s possibilities!

Sell products online from head office, the warehouse, from specific stores or all stores! Set up multiple websites to sell different brands or run a discount online store with select products – with all products, stock control and more run via Connect. Whatever your set up, Connect’s multichannel system can work with you.

If you haven’t been able to offer products online before, then Connect is the perfect solution for you!

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