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Did you know that while many EPoS software vendors claim to be multichannel, Connect was designed from Day 1 to be a full multichannel EPoS solution for independant retailers, and every year we look at the new channels our customers are asking for, so the product remains modern and fresh! Today Connect remains one of the few products that allows you to manage all your channels without leaving your own system. Now that’s true Multichannel! Want to know more? We would love to hear from you and chat about how we can help….

Connect Multichannel

The ultimate in simple drag and drop multichannel retailing! Connect Multichannel Centre brings together all of your online selling channels into one place, whether you have your own websites, use Connect websites or sell on eBay and Amazon. Because it makes it so much quicker to manage; you can sell more and deliver better customer service.

Why Connect Multichannel?

Connect provides all the exciting money saving advantages of centralised stock control, central reporting, central product management, fulfilment and finances. It also allows retailers to deliver a more consistent and higher quality service to customers, whist selling more.

One touch! Add products just once. Then just drop them onto the various sales channels. Saves so much time. Stops duplicated effort.
Want to change your prices and product descriptions for each channel? No problem, Connect supports overlay information.
Specialist channel information. Some sales channels like eBay need specific information; this is contained inside of Connect so almost everything is done without leaving Connect –unlike many other software programs.
Stock control across channels. When an order is placed, Connect can automatically allocate stock and inform the others channels that there is one less available.
Which Channels?

You may want to sell via your store epos as well as multiple eCommerce websites or sell on eBay and Amazon which are the UK’s 1st and 2nd largest marketplaces. If you are a retailer and not selling much on eBay or Amazon you are missing a great opportunity to increase your sales. They have over 20% UK market share (Figures courtesy of Retail Week) as consumers love to shop there. Convenient and trusted they are both moving towards business sellers and are becoming very appealing to independent retailers.

eCommerce Connect

Use your existing website. We have integrated with so many different types of website and we have even written some simple code than can make it easier!
Use your favourite design company. If you already have a relationship with a website design company then it’s no problem. We regularly work with other design agencies to produce beautiful eCommerce websites. There are several options in how we can work together.
Use our Creative Design Service. From simple classic eCommerce to high end sophisticated creative designs we offer a range of packages to suit your business. As specialists in eCommerce design, our Creative Design team only creates websites to sell. All of the websites they produce are built on our feature rich, award winning eCommerce shopping engine.

Amazon Connect – Dynamic Integration

Connect offers a end to end Amazon integration. This is more than just a feed that other suppliers offer. Intelligent Retail is the first company (that we know of) to allows retailers to simply Drag and Drop products to Amazon. There may be some extra tweaks depending on the products you sell but this is about as simple as it gets, and then you have the huge power of Amazon at your fingertips!

EBay Connect – Premium Integration

EBay Connect gives you end to end integration with eBay and your stock system. This is not just a feed that other suppliers offer. From adding products to fulfilling orders – we don’t think it can get much easier! Now you have the huge potential of eBay at your fingertips!

Get connected to Google Product Search

Google Products Connect compiles listings from your website then publishes them in the Google Products format as a file. This lists products in Google’s product search linking back to your website. It is a great way to list your products online. It also increases the awareness of your site in the main Google search engine. There are no charges for listing your products on Google, and whilst you can submit products to Google manually for free, Intelligent Retail provides a low cost integration service to automatically forward your products on to Google Product Search so they are kept up to date and you don’t have the overhead of managing the feeds.