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Giftware Connect

The perfect multichannel POS system for gift shops
Connect is your retail management system, from POS to eCommerce, Connect helps you become more profitable!

What are the typical questions that modern gift retailers are facing today?

  • Are you confident that you have the right products to meet the latest trends?
  • Want control of your stock and reduce your costs?
  • Are you looking for new ways to inspire staff?
  • Would you like to bring more customers into your shop?
  • Do you want to sell on the internet quickly and easily and deliver a great customer service?

Giftware Connect is helping giftware retailers significantly improve their businesses by responding to questions like these with the most amazing computer system for independent retail.

Kath and John have been running Galleria Jewellers for over 6 years. Three years ago they had a single store and website when they installed a Connect system to help manage the shop. They have now grown the business to two stores very successfully.

Here is how the Connect POS system has genuinely reduced costs and lifted revenue:

Lower costs
Galleria now happily order more frequently and in smaller quantities which saves money from being tied up in stock. This change has transformed the business by reducing spend on stock.

Easier reordering
Connect tells them which items need to be reordered based on smart analysis of sales trends. The time saving element is huge; previously they had to trawl through the trays and shelves to see what was needed. They didn’t really know what they sold and it all took ages compared to the simple way they order in Connect.

Reduced overstocking
Overstocking was a problem until Connect. Now the overstocked lines have been reduced because the right things are ordered more often.

See what is needed for future seasons
Using the Connect ‘Looking Glass’ to see what is needed for future seasons. In Connect, Kath and John could see what was sold in October – December the previous year, and so projected the growth of the business and ordered accordingly. It was so accurate! There were no cases of being overstocked and they had the right amount to sell. Before Connect, this would sadly never happen, as they would always have extra stock that wasn’t selling.

Easy to use
Connect is so easy to use! The team in the shop had never touched a computer before. Kath never thought she would use the system but quickly found herself using it every day to add stock and run the till. It looks very professional as well!

Uplift revenue
Use of store space has been improved. They now pick a supplier and see how much revenue is being generated. Connect has genuinely helped in making decisions to drop certain suppliers, allowing them to use the shelf space for better selling lines.

Looking great!
It’s very modern and reflects the values of the shop. The old cash register sent out all the wrong messages to Galleria’s customers.

See what is needed for future seasons
Using the Connect ‘Looking Glass’ to see what is needed for future seasons. In Connect, Kath and John could see what was sold in October – December the previous year, and so projected the growth of the business and ordered accordingly. It was so accurate! There were no cases of being overstocked and they had the right amount to sell. Before Connect, this would sadly never happen, as they would always have extra stock that wasn’t selling.

Faster customer service
The separate card machine used a telephone line and seemed so slow. Kath and John now use Connect’s integrated chip and pin with an internet connection. It’s so much quicker, with more or less instant authorisation. Accuracy is 100%, as staff cannot type in a wrong value because it’s linked to the till sale. This also saves space on the counter. There has been no increase in costs as the rental is the same as the old machine, and money has been saved on the extra telephone line rental. Also, they save a fortune on till rolls for the old machine. The most important aspect is a nicer customer experience; customers feel they are in a more modern shop.

Giftware Connect is the only gift shop POS and eCommerce solution designed around the specific needs and budget of the independent giftware retailer using the very latest multichannel technologies.

With many of the day to day activities such as replenishment made more efficient, you are free to work on the more enjoyable aspects and develop your business as you want to. Talk to us about arranging a free onsite consultation or demonstration today, no commitment required!

Quick Info

Giftware Connect: The perfect one solution for your retail business.

Refreshingly Simple Multichannel: Expand your profits with eCommerce – no technical experience needed!

Improve Marketing: Run customer loyalty programs, gather customer details, get the word out!

Save:  Know your business better and save time and money with stock control, predictive ordering, sell slow moving stock and more!

What a difference getting on the web. So simple, wish we had done it years ago.
Paula, That Gift Place
Wow, Wow, wow! Thank you, I always focussed in the business, not on the business.
Peter, The Front Porch gift shop
I am so impressed with the system, Connect is clearly designed for retailers. It is so easy to use.
Ralph Maxwell, Parchment



Giftware Connect: Innovation

You can manage stock, change pricing and create promotions, even manage your website. As well as being wonderfully simple to use as a till and stock management system, Giftware Connect is packed with innovative features. Contact us today to see how Giftware Connect is right for you!

Flight deck

Track all resources from top sellers through to staff performance in one amazing Flight-Deck. Delivers the very best information at your fingertips and combines shop and website sales to help you manage your retail business.

Visual stock management

So many ways to improve your stock holding. For example, know exactly what's in stock and what is selling to improve your product selection and merchandising. Re-order in one-click, saving you hours of repetitive tasks.


Drag and drop products from your shop to your internet site. Giftware Connect builds and manages your website for you, bringing additional sales straight to your till. It really couldn’t be easier.

Sell your old stock on eBay

The world’s greatest auction with one-click. Reduce your stock holding and release capital for fresh new merchandise.

Manage from anywhere

Manage your business from home or anywhere. Remote Control gives you up to the minute information on sales and staff. You can manage stock, change pricing and create promotions, even manage your website.

Simple to use

Till layout is based on a cash register so anyone can use it. Other functions are all visual with simple buttons to operate. The stock tree makes it easy to find any product and operate management functions.

Integrated kiosk

For browsing through to purchase, customers can look at additional ranges of products, different colours, patterns or accessories to order from this simple kiosk system fully linked to your stock, till and website systems.

Always updated

Your information naturally flows between shops, website and back office so you are always up to date and no overselling or underselling stock lines.

Schedule a delivery from the till

If you need to schedule a delivery from the tll this can be done immediately by any sales staff. The scheduler simply shows what dates and times are available and the press of a button confirms it.

Giftware Connect: Is it right for me?

Here are a selection of the many ways in which Giftware Connect can benefit your business. To properly identify the main benefits for your business we suggest a simple on-site consultation or demonstration, book one today!

Save time, save money
Many tasks in retail are repetitive. Giftware Connect takes away much of the tedious repetitive work such as goods-in, shelf replenishment, re-ordering standard lines, discounts, returns, cashing up, customer contacts and even through managing to-do lists for staff, no more sticky yellow notes!

Improve processes
Giftware Connect links your shop floor to your warehouse so that customer orders are seamlessly tracked and managed. Your shop floor staff will know what is in stock and your warehouse staff will be right on top of customer orders.

Develop your business through eCommerce
Ecommerce is here to stay and accounts for 10% of retail sales with growth to 2008 forecast at 30%. Selling online is just the beginning. For many consumers the purchasing process has changed as research online is a fundamental step. Giftware Connect allows you to tie in to these new processes by having an online presence that connects with your retail one. Customers can browse online and see that products are in store ready to touch and try out before making the final purchase. Or customers can leave the shop to make a final decision and buy online.

Are you doing any marketing? If not you are missing out on wonderful revenue generating opportunities. Giftware Connect will become your marketing engine to drive customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime spend.

Do you know your shops average transaction? Employees average transaction size? Do you track average customer lifetime spend. By tracking these simple indicators you can incentivise staff to increase them. Create targets, motivate staff.

Improving purchasing decisions
Most buying problems simply come from bad decisions. Bad decisions come from having inadequate information and/or time. Giftware Connect gives you up to the minute information on how much profit you are making from products and suppliers to make informed accurate decisions quickly.

Save money on your stock holding
The most important asset in your business is often stock. How confident are you that you have optimum stock, i.e.

  • Do you feel you are overstocked?
  • Do you feel you are led by suppliers?
  • Are you buying quantities they stipulate when they stipulate?

Giftware Connect not only gives you reports on product and supplier performance, it also gives you an interactive replenishment screen to expedite the process whilst you maintain full control!

Shift old stock on eBay
With 45% of the internet eCommerce market, eBay is a significant channel in it’s own right. The format is ideal for selling old non-moving stock. Whilst many retailers want to do this, the time it takes to do it is restrictive. Now you can drop one or one hundred products onto eBay in just a click.

Customer engagement
Great service keeps customers coming back. Do you know what your customers like? What information do you capture about them. How do you use what you know to increase their loyalty and spend? Giftware Connect allows you to track what your customers are spending and the products they buy. You can run loyalty and incentive promotions based on this.

Price right for better profit
Flexibility is essential for competitive and compelling pricing. Decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. Do you know the price elasticity of your store is, i.e. how much you can increase and decrease pricing without it impacting number of products sold? How quickly can you create special offers, special event pricing? Giftware Connect has up to the minute accurate information to help you make these key business decisions and changing pricing from one to one thousand products is a snip!

Giftware Connect: Features

Giftware Connect is our amazing solution for retail. With so many features, the only way to really understand it is to see it in action! Contact us today to see how Giftware Connect is right for you!


  • Elegant till system with full touch, keyboard or partial
  • Barcode scanning, item code, item search, HotKeys
  • Integrated Chip and Pin (optional)
  • Barcode is printed on receipt so that receipts can be scanned at a later date for quick returns
  • Discount by % or preset (Employee, Trade etc)
  • Quick find products with product pictures
  • Pay on account
  • Customers can order items or pay weekly for an item
  • Staff login by click, password, swipe or fingerprint (optional)

Business management

  • Flight Deck instant management graphical analysis
  • Detailed reports
  • Staff performance tracking
  • Remote Control to manage stock, prices and promotions from home…or anywhere (optional)

Stock management

  • One click re-ordering with key performance indicators
  • Simple order process for prams and large items
  • Stock management with Visual Stock Tree
  • Easy management for complex products like clothes
  • Fast find – filter by name, supplier, category
  • Barcode creation and printing

Business development

  • Creates and manages your website
  • Website linked to your stock.
  • One-click items to eBay to clear old slow moving items (optional)
  • Mail order
  • Customer management
  • Email and direct mail marketing

Scalability and security

  • Multiple sites supported seamlessly
  • Automatic instant backup and offsite backup
  • Transfer stock to other shops or warehouses
  • Multiple stock locations


  • Drag and drop products to website
  • Create a product in literally a few seconds
  • One touch till, support with instant product search, product pictures and customer lookup