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Connect: A smooth shopping experience.

Our fully integrated ecommerce engine built into: your website, built by us, built by your favorite provider, or even your existing site. Benefits? No third parties, ease of use, and part of Connect, the till, the stock control, loyalty program, and all the other great parts of Connect! Why not give us a call when you have a moment?

eCommerce shopping engine

If you are going to run an eCommerce website, make sure you run it on a proven eCommerce shopping engine. The award winning eCommerce Connect is a premium shopping engine that is packed with exciting features that help you sell more.

The eCommerce Connect shopping engine creates the menus, product pages, shopping basket, checkout and links the website together. It is fundamental to success. As specialists in retail websites we have developed a feature rich shopping engine for best practice. You can benefit from experience of hundreds of eCommerce platforms and research from leading authorities in website usability, conversion rates and search engine optimisation.

Connect allows you to add value for your customers providing a smooth and rich shopping experience. We have online businesses growing at rapid rates above the typical growth for online retail, some with conversion rates up to 5 times the industry average. Contact us today to schedule a full demo to see all these rich features in action!

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