eBay Integration with Connect

18 Jan eBay Integration with Connect

Get selling on the world’s largest market place!

Intelligent Retail’s eBay Connect allows for a single retailer or small business to have ebay integration and an instant additional sales channel.

This is not your average feed other “less effective” POS suppliers provide. eBay Connect gives you options and makes things quicker and simpler – from fulfilling orders to adding products, you might as well smack the “Easy” button on your desk right now!

Welcome to the eBay Connect, premium integration.

Do you want an end to end integration with your stock system, eBay, POS system and website? You can do it. You can do almost everything without having to leave Connect.

POS software and hardware

Connect your retail store to everything, online, ebay, Amazon, gumtree and more

Run your retail store, ebay store and others all from one place – we love making things easy!

You can even sell more and generate higher profits by sending multiple products to eBay.

Want to keep it manageable and again, EASY?

Stock control works with you and your other channels. You barely have to break a sweat and your Connect System allows for eBay orders to travel back to you.

You don’t have to visit eBay anymore to sell products. Through this complete integration software, just run your eBay business from Connect. eBay power at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a power seller or independent retailer, you definitely need our eBay integration solution to allow you to make more profits!

With eBay currently selling more fixed price items versus auction items, it is no wonder eBay has become a trusted and proven hub for online transactions. You can even increase your customer database through eBay and open an online shop on eBay for a minimal monthly fee, which is one of the many great features of the great Connect Multichannel system.

So contact us today to get started! We provide a comprehensive and easy solution tailor-made for any business. With thousands of satisfied customers and counting, become part of the Intelligent Retail® family and make sure to visit our Facebook for additional posts.

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