What kind of support will you need for your POS software?

14 Mar What kind of support will you need for your POS software?

Point of Sale software is an integral part of your business and ongoing support for your system is vital! Apps and software can be complex with many different functions and abilities and one day you might need help and need it fast!

It is almost impossible for a single person to have complete knowledge of everything, whether it be entering new products, how to do a stocktake or processing online orders.  There’s a lot of learnt knowledge on how to use your POS software and importantly, how to get the best out of it. When staff leave, you don’t want to lose that learnt knowledge, or have staff calling you with questions when you’re not working!

Having a support team on call will ensure that all the knowledge of the software is easily reached for both yourself and staff. It’s also a great time saver when you’ve just got a quick ‘how to question’, or even a more complex one.

What can a Support Team do?


Intelligent Retail in house support team are there for you!

A Support team’s main goal is to help you. There are four different sections of what a support team manage.


Learning how to use your new point of sale requires some level of training. The Support team will teach you how to best use the software for your business. The software maybe very basic, or complex and going through proper training will ensure you feel comfortable with the new software.

Answer questions

Regardless of how much software training is conducted, most people do not have photographic memories and can’t remember everything! If you forget how to do something, or have an issue in store, you can always call your Support team and they’ll walk you through a solution.

Source Bugs

As with any software there can always be hidden ‘bugs’ or defects. Software can have many modules or parts which integrate with third party apps, which can lead to bugs. They are a natural part of the software’s evolution and growth, which lead to creating newer and improved versions.

Software is constantly tested and improved, however if you ever encounter a bug, then always call Support!

Offer Enhancements

The team who built the software is always constantly checking and improving it with enhancements; but the best person to find what to improve is you! As you and your staff use the software every day in real world situations, you are best to objectively criticize the software. This can be in contrast to developers, who can be a bit bias to what the system is missing! Support is the go to team to call with any suggestions on improvements and enhancements for the software.


With Intelligent Retail®, you can be rest assured that your Support team is there to help you. See how our Support team will help you, or contact us today for a FREE demo of our POS software.