Use your POS software’s loyalty program to boost your business

25 Feb Use your POS software’s loyalty program to boost your business

The majority of retailers in Australia offer a loyalty or rewards program for their customers. Why? Well, research shows us that customers choose where they spend based if they are a part of a loyalty program.

Retail SuccessMaintaining a steady flow of customers, both new and returning, is key to building a strong flourishing business. However, the cost associated with attracting new customers is significantly higher than maintaining existing customers. It makes financial sense to focus on your loyal customers to keep them returning time and time again!

A loyalty program is often looked as a major factor in creating repeat visits. With a correct program in place, your customers are rewarded for shopping with you. Once implemented an effective program becomes an imperative part of success.

We believe in making your business the best it can be and with our retail POS system Connect we make it as simple as possible! Our retail management system can help you grow and run a loyalty program in a simple, easy way.

Why have a rewards program?

Loyalty programs create stronger ties with your customers and improve satisfaction. We all like being rewarded, so why not give your customers a personal reward? Without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist! So let your customers know that you are actually interested in them and reward them.

There are several types of rewards programs, with the majority focusing on a ‘point system’. Customers are allocated a certain amount of points based on how much they spend. It’s a simple, yet effective strategy. With our retail POS system Connect, we make running a loyalty program simple, so you can focus on growing your business!

According to statistics from Choice, research points to customers who are part of a loyalty program spend more in an average sale:Blog Pencil

“For example, in 2009, Myer figures found that on average, in a year:

  • Customers spend $795 in store,
  • Loyalty card customers spend $822, and
  • Loyalty card customers who’ve registered their email address spend $971.”

– Choice, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group
August 2015

Supporting research from The Loyalty Point found that 80% of customers
spend more from businesses of which they are a part of a loyalty program!

Marketing your business!

Promoting your business is important, if you’re not marketing, you’re not growing! Once you have a loyalty program in place, your POS software will track your customers and their spending habits. Use this information to run targeted promotions.

Your reputation will be boosted and you can offer incentives for new customers, thus growing your customer base. With Connect, you can export your customer for marketing campaigns, such as email or SMS blasts.

Utilize your retail POS systemRetail Success

Our POS software Connect includes a customer loyalty system. We like keeping things simple and Connect is designed to be so!

Vouchers or loyalty cards can be programmed to be scanned quickly so once the customer part of your loyalty program, the transaction takes no longer that an ordinary sale. Reward Points are automatically allocated and stored.

You can take simple steps to improve the relationship between your business and your customers and improve sales along the way! Connect makes it easy to do and our locally based Australian support team are always there for you.

For more information on building a great customer loyalty program (and how quick and easy it can be!) contact us today