Use POS software to change Customer spending habits

21 Mar Use POS software to change Customer spending habits

Customer Service + Data = Profit!

Every business decision you make should be focusing on your #1 and no it’s not you! Your business’ #1 is your customers. Neglect your customers and you risk the business itself! With a bit of knowledge you can grow, build and direct your customers to buy when and what you want (within reason of course!).

It all starts with Customer Service

Customer service is what sets small businesses apart from the major retailers. Customer service is simple and easy to implement, but sadly often overlooked. Happy customers will keep returning and that’s a lot cheaper than marketing for new customers. Happy customers will tell their friends and spread the word. The best form of advertising is free – it is recommendations and word of mouth advertising and the only way to grow that is through customer service.

Here’s some simple tips to help you and your staff grow your business:

    • Workshops
        Your staff are the face of your business! Run workshops and act out scenarios with your team. This also doubles as a fantastic team building exercise! Run short workshops on different scenarios regularly. A workshop example scenario is how you handle the customers experience at the epos till: it should be short, to the point and friendly!
    • Scripting
        “Would you like fries with that?” We all know this famous line! Scripts may seem silly for a small business but they ensure that everyone repeats the same message. You should have scripts for greeting customers, the checkout process and for complaints. This ensures that a customer has the same experience every time. It also makes training new staff simpler and quicker. Use your till and point of sale system to streamline the process.
    • Complaints
        Every business will receive a complaint and how you manage them says a lot about your business. Complaints are generally a misunderstanding between a customer and your staff. If you implement scripts, this can curb complaints in the first place. A customer complaint strategy should enforce your company policy, while being honest. If dealt with correctly you can leave your customer still feeling great about your store and ready to come back spending! Don’t view complaints as a negative, but as a learning tool for improvement!
    • Goals
        Goals are so important! Whether they are store, customer or staff related, goals should be set and the steps to reach them investigated. Let everyone know what the goals are – running a small business is about team effort. Use your POS software to set tasks and reminders for your staff – a little bit of automation goes a long way to achieving your goals!



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Learning your Customer’s habits

Once a customer service plan is in place, the next step is to learn about your customers. Knowing your customers and their spending habits is vital for growth. We often ask our clients ‘what are your customer’s spending habits’ and we’re often greeted with a long silent pause! The answer to this question can be found in your customer’s spending data. If you’re using the best inventory management software, this will track this. The customer data it collects will give you insights which you may not have been aware of. Learn customers spending habits and guess what, you can direct or change these!

Changing customer spending habits is big business for the major retailers. Think about the marketing campaign ‘cheap Tuesdays’. This campaign offers a discount on a certain day of the week, which is often the quietest day of the week. This teaches regular customers that if they came in on a Tuesday, instead of say a very busy Saturday, they get a discount! This not only moves customers from your busy days to quiet ones but it’s a great incentive for new people to give your business a go!

Here’s an example of changing their behaviour to buy from an eCommerce website:

The store is over-stocked on a certain product and data shows sells better in store than online. You export a list of your customers from your POS software and send out an email blast advertising 10% off if they buy instore, or save 30% if they purchase from your eCommerce website. The benefits of buying online far outweighs buying online! Loyal and happy customers might forward that email to their friends, who then also purchase – added bonus!
Use POS software with multichannel retailing (such as integrated eBay and/or mobile commerce) to make this process even easier.

Here’s some other examples you can try to change your customers spending habits:

        • Product Placement
            Place products that go together next to each other on the shelves such as; peanut butter and bread; DVDs and popcorn or belts and jeans.
        • Add On Purchases
            Recommend add-on products to your customers. Such as offering them socks to go with the shoes they’re buying. This also works for online where you can have suggested products appear when a customer is viewing a certain item.
        • VIP deals
            Use your customer data to send them special VIP offer. For example if you know an average sports shoe lasts one year, offer 20% off all trainers with 50% off a certain name brands of trainers to customers who who purchased trainers over a year ago.
        • Promos & Sales
            Who doesn’t love a sale?! Use sales to promote old or slow moving stock, or a new line unknown to customers. The magical words ‘sale’ always works well! If your POS software has eBay integration or other online store software, this process can take only a few minutes!
        • Quick online buying
            Promote a discounted product, or a new product line on your website’s front page. Make it quick and easy for customers to click and buy. Join this with one or more of the above for added success!

Changing your customer’s habits isn’t difficult if you have the right knowledge and systems in place. Build your knowledge and create a long and mutually beneficial relationship between your business and customers. If you’re interested in growing your business further, have a chat with our team today!