Top 5 tips for email newsletters

20 Jun Top 5 tips for email newsletters

Never underestimate the power of personalised marketing! EDM (email direct marketing) can be amazing when used correctly, allowing you to talk directly to your customers with personalised offers and incentives. A successful retail EDM campaign offers insightful and helpful knowledge or offers for your client.

How often are you irritated by email junk mail? I have just unsubscribed to a retail homewares brand that I absolutely love! Why? Because every single morning (at 6 am to be exact!) a sale message would come through. How do I feel about that? Well, apart from my phone alerting me to a message at 6 in the morning, my brand trust went down the toilet. Surely one store couldn’t have that many sale offers? This is a great example of how NOT to run EDMs!

So what’s the solution? We help our clients manage & create their EDM’s. Here’s our top 5 tips!

1. Don’t over do it.

Every small business is different but if you send out emails too regularly and with the same content, your customers will get annoyed and they will unsubscribe! Could you blame them? Unless your business model is ‘deal a day’ there’s no reason to send out daily or weekly updates. We recommend sending out communication once a month, once a season, or once a deal/special.

2. Content is the key!

Ensure your email’s aren’t just ‘buy, buy, buy’. Customers are people, not ATMs! Engage customers with interesting content, new season styles or trends. Share tips and tricks too! Such as the colours for this season or great gift giving ideas (such as Father’s Day). Become not just a place of selling stuff, but of information and interest.

3. Personalise, personalise, personalise

Tailor your messages on a personal level. Your business retail intelligence will be within your POS software, use it to filter out particular customers. One client does this beautifully with her range of fragrance candles. With the knowledge that the average life of a particular candle is 3 months and people that like X fragrance generally like Y fragrance, she filters all customers who purchased that specific candle fragrance 3 months prior with a personal message.

 “Dear Jenny, a few months ago you purchased our lovely lavender fragrance candle. I thought you’d like to know we have designed a special blend of Lavender, Sandalwood and Lemongrass. I think you’ll love it! I Pop into our store and try it out. Remember to bring in this coupon to receive 10% off your purchase”

This email not only keeps your business in top of the client’s mind but introduces a new product and gives them an incentive all around the time they would be looking at purchasing a new product!

4. Offer

Who doesn’t love a voucher or coupon? Some small businesses become afraid of vouchers, thinking it’s ‘giving away money’. This is the wrong view! A voucher is a way to entice new customers, or those who haven’t purchased for a while. New customers with a voucher will visit your store to ‘give it a go’. If regular marketing communication or customer service falls down when these new customers come in with their voucher, this is where a voucher campaign can fail.

Think about sending EDM vouchers such as:

“Hello Sandy, we haven’t seen you for a while! Try out our new range of best selling shirts with 25% off!”

“Hi James! Thank you for your continued support! Share a meal with your friends with our buy one, get one free offer during July!”

5. Learn, Refine, Repeat.

Our best advice? Don’t be afraid to give something a go! Use your point of sale software’s database to learn which products do well, on what days, and who purchases them. Retail management POS systems contain a wealth of data, the more you know the better you can tailor your campaigns.

Remember to keep it simple! Create a campaign to promote one or two things. See what works best and improve your messages each time. Maybe a percentage off sale works well, or buy-one-get-one-free, maybe exclusive offers to members. Every business is different – get out there and get to know yours!


Learn more about refining and changing customer habits or check out our POS software Connect!