Top 3 things you need in a professional POS System

05 Jul Top 3 things you need in a professional POS System

With so many different suppliers and packages for POS retail management systems available, finding the right POS system for you can be a daunting task! Intelligent Retail have created the ‘POS Checklist’ to help you find the right system to help empower your retail business.

1) POS Hardware

To run a successful retail business, you need the right tools! At the bear minimum, you will need:

EFTPOS Integration

Be ready for wearable EFTPOS transactions!

This is the most important piece! The till processes all transactions between your sales staff and customers. For speedy transactions, the best tills are all in one PCs with large touch screen displays. Is your store mobile, a pop-up stall or within a weekend market? Make sales on the fly with a POS Tablet.

Customer Facing Display
You can also add a customer facing display screen to your till so customers can see their transaction, or use it for marketing messages to help upsell.

On average, 50% of transactions are done via EFTPOS with new wearable technology set to increase this substantially.

Receipt Printer
A fast and cheap-to run printer is essential. Take into consideration the cost and logistics of replacing paper.

Label Printer
Print labels and barcodes on the fly. Ensure the device is compatible with your system, light and easy to use.

Barcode Scanner
Choose the right barcode scanner for your counter top. You may require an scanner in-built into the table top to save on space, or require a wireless hand held device if you’re scanning large bulky items

Stocktake Scanner
Look for a lightweight portable stocktake scanner device. Your staff will be able to check stock and look up details from anywhere within the store.


2) POS Software

POS Software
Your POS software will track everything from transactions, stock levels to customer data. The till needs to have an easy to use user interface. Best POS systems have amazing retail management capabilities, allowing you to tailor your business needs with the press of a button. A handy stock management also keeps the stress levels down making it so simple to keep track of your products and their quantities.

Business Intelligence
You cannot grow a retail business without really knowing how it’s tracking. Good reporting software will show you everything from top selling items, to best performing days, slow stock movements – everything you need to make sensible and calculated business choices to increase your profits.

Small retailers cannot just rely on a bricks and mortar store. Adding retail eCommerce is easy with the right POS software. An online retail store will grow customer reach and offer customers convenience. A multichannel POS system allows you to run a web store and/or an eBay store all from the same software, keeping stock levels in line while growing your retail profits. Not sure if a website or eBay is best for you? Check out our guide!


3) POS Support

Sometimes, things can break or you need help. This is why on-going support is vital for your retail management system. Whether it’s via a call, email or an online help guide, ensure that you have access to the help you need, when you need it.

Rest assure that intelligent Retail® has the solution for you for whatever environment you’re in! To find out more, contact us today.