The top 7 points to consider when choosing your POS Hardware

03 Mar The top 7 points to consider when choosing your POS Hardware

Having the right point of sale system can make all the difference in success to your retail business. A POS system is a combination of software (programs and apps) and hardware (physical devices). When you have the right tools, you can do awesome things for your business! The right all in one point of sale solution will not only save you time but help you sell more.

There are many options for POS software but POS hardware is sadly often over looked.  POS Hardware are the physical devices your staff use within the store and your customers can see at the checkout. Using the right device for the right task is vital! Here at Intelligent Retail®, we supply both software and hardware and have with on-going support and maintenance available to you.

Counter top POS


The HP RP7 range

For the majority of stores, an ‘all in one’ is the best solution the main counter. These aren’t your standard computers and are specially designed for daily commercial use to work in just about any environment! A countertop device also offers a large touch screen for quicker transactions.

Want to make another sale at the counter? Show your latest offer at the till with a customer facing display screen. Coming in a range of sizes, these screens can give detailed information on the transaction to the customer.

Stuck for space on the counter? Why not consider a wall mounted option. We offer a range of options from HP as seen in the image on the right –  including wall mounted and customer facing screen options, along with cash drawer, printer and barcode scanner peripherals. We also supply the popular Senor MegaPos series.

POS tablets

Make your POS portable!

Make your POS portable with Windows Surface Pro!

If you’re running a market stall or moving around your warehouse, a light touch screen device might be perfect for you.

With Intelligent Retail®, you have a choice of either a Senor Tech Tablet or the very popular Windows Surface Pro Tablet, which also can have a detachable keyboard for added flexibility.

Expand the reach of your store and take your POS with you to a market stall or pop up shop! If you have excess stock, or slow moving sale stock, simply sell it at the markets without the hassle of extra paperwork and logging where stock went for stocktaking and reports!

Do you have a warehouse within your warehouse? You could run reports or check stock while your staff are still taking transactions at the till. The Senor tablet is specially designed for retail and includes an in-built scanner. Hello 21st century retailing!

Integrated EFTPOS

An integrated EFTPOS means that your point of sale system sends the transaction directly to the EFTPOS device so you don’t manually have to key in the transaction details. Not only is this quick and easy, it saves lost cash and increases security.  We use industry standard Ingenico devices which support both wired and wireless options. As with all our hardware, our support team is there for you if you ever have issues!

Stocktake scanners

What did retail do before scanners! All that paperwork and manual checking! Thankfully in 2016 owning a wireless portable scanner is standard for retail stores. They make managing stock quick and easy. It allows you to do stocktakes or transfer items in our out of stock. Simply choose what you want to do, point and scan away! The scanner does the rest of the work by talking to your POS software and updating your stock automatically. Can’t get easier than that!

Label printer

Work smarter not harder and label your stock in a flash! When your point of sale software talks to your label printer you can create large amounts of labels with the press of a button. Create labels, shelf talkers or place a sticker onto your stock with barcodes and other important information. In today’s retail market, you shouldn’t still be manually creating labels!

Till security

Retail Security

Integrated cameras and finger print scanners for added security

For independent retail, stock theft, shrinkage and employee fraud has a significant impact on success or failure. Our counter security options can provide you with peace of mind!

We offer fully integrated HP fingerprint readers, allowing you to keep track of which staff members are logged in and what sales they make. For added security we can also integrate security camera’s to the till which integrate video with receipt data. You can easily monitor transactions either historically, or in real time.

Through our counter security, we provide you with valuable evidence that can be easily exported for use in legal disputes or distributed to public authorities.

POS hardware support

We offer more than just a point of sale, but a full retail management system that enables you to solve a multitude of problems facing your store operations. Rest assure that intelligent Retail® has the solution for you.

We have a full-time local support team there for you. We manage your point of sale hardware, software and consumables – if you have any issues, call our support team!

Here at Intelligent Retail®, we want you run a successful retail business and to pump out sales just as fast as you can make them! Our team can tailor make the right solution, for your business, so give them a call today and get selling!


*Hardware device images shown are indicative only and are subject to change based on suppliers and releases of new models because we believe in only using the best!