The features of a Good Inventory Management System

08 Feb The features of a Good Inventory Management System

As your business grows, you’ll start to find it more and more difficult to keep track of your inventory. Spreadsheets will no longer be enough, and you’ll find that you’re spending much more of your valuable time in keeping your inventory records accurate. A good inventory management system can solve these problems. Here’s what to look for in a good inventory system:

Warehouse management software

Keeping track of your stock levels isn’t the most exciting part of retail – but it’s one of the most important!

Reorder notifications

At the most basic level, inventory management software will let you know when stock levels of your products fall below a certain level. Instead of you having to constantly check your inventory to see what needs to be reordered, a good system will do it for you!

As part of Connect POS software, predictive ordering will tell you how much stock you need to fill your shelves, based on past sales history. No more guessing! Using predictive ordering, you will save time and money.

Barcode integration

Barcodes have been around for a while and are still a very efficient tool in managing products and materials. A good inventory management system will integrate with a barcode system. This will allow you to much more efficiently indicate when products come in or go out, speed up yearly or quarterly inventory record corrections, and even make it simple to locate a specific item or group of items, for example, if a supplier recalls a product from a specific period.


While spreadsheets can be accidentally deleted, and other methods of inventory control are not always reliable, a good inventory management system will always be there. It can’t be easily deleted, and it will prevent major user error.

Are you interested in learning more about what features you can find in a good inventory management system? Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our industry leading Connect system that will grow your business and save you time.