The best eCommerce Solution: eBay or Website?

08 Jun The best eCommerce Solution: eBay or Website?

Connect retail management system is an amazing online store software and POS system. Connect integrates eBay and retail web stores. This gives you amazing control, as when a product sells on eBay, Connects updates your website, physical store stock and vice versa! It’s a retail POS, eBay POS and website POS system in one!

So, a question we’re often asked is “Should I use eBay or a Website?”

Of course, we suggest both!

Using both allows you to open up your business to more customers and expand your reach, and when using Connect eBay ePOS, this process is simple, quick and easy.

Which is better, selling on eBay or on a website?

Technically neither is better. Some of our clients do better on eBay, while some sell more on their website. As like a physical store, a lot depends on traffic, location and marketing.

Benefits of an eBay storeeBay

Think of eBay as a local retail market, albeit a very large digital version! There are customers already in the market walking around and browsing things and you are simply putting your products in front of them to buy. However eBay isn’t small, there are over 8 million shoppers per month in Australia!

eBay might have fees, but think of what they provide – saving you time and effort!

  • Immediate Audience: over 8 million shoppers are on eBay Australia every month!
  • Security: eBay is a trusted online shopping medium
  • Marketing: eBay spends millions on marketing and promoting customers to visit

Why sell on eBay?

  • 80% of all goods sold are brand new products
  • 55% of all online shoppers in Australia bought something on eBay Australia.
  • 56% of visits to eBay Australia were via mobile
  • An electronics and a fashion item is sold every second (31 million items each, per year!)
  • Mobile retailing: an item is sold via mobile every two seconds
  • A car is sold every 20 minutes on eBay mobile (or around 72 per day)


Benefits of a Website storeeBay Connect

eCommerce websites allow you to have your own voice and lets you sell products your own way. You can include information, images and blogs, allowing you to introduce customers not to just your products but to you!

Like a physical store, an eCommerce website needs help guiding customers to its location. Websites take time to generate traffic and sales can be slow to get going. You can increase visitors through paid marketing or increase your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve organic (free!) web traffic. This can take time, but if done correctly you can benefit from free traffic for years to come on a medium which you control.

What is the best online retail strategy?

With eBay, your sales will begin the day you start listing products. You can use the income generated from eBay to fund the SEO management, Google AdWords or other marketing to build your website audience into the powerhouse you need it to be.

Don’t be mistaken though, long term your website will likely outsell your eBay store and at higher profit margins! While eBay is integral in getting the ball rolling and income generated early in the piece.

Whichever way you decide, Connect’s integrated eBay and eCommerce solutions will make the starting process simple!


TIP: Run multiple eBay and Website stores to move stock!

Take this example of a fashion store. Traditionally new stock arrives each season and sold at top recommended retail price. At the end of the season this stock is heavily discounted to move it. This process is then repeated. Over time, customers learn that they are better off to wait for the sales.

The newer process is to use multiple stores. Instead of discounting the stock within the main store, shift it to your outlet store, generally with a different shop name.

This is how many of today’s big players in the retail market not only move stock, but grow their reach!  You too can easily do this with Connect’s multichannel system. The sky is the limit!

Want to learn more about selling on eBay? Learn about eBay Connect here, or contact our team today for a FREE POS demonstration on how Connect POS system will transform your business!