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With thousands of products on the market, how can you be sure of choosing the right Point of Sale system? It’s all about ease of use, powerful functionality and most importantly, single vendor support. That’s right, here at Intelligent Retail we’ll look after your POS software, hardware, EFTPOS and more!

Our POS makes retail easy!
Elevate your business to the next level with our POS solution, Connect. More than you’re typical POS, Connect is truly multichannel. Nothing else allows you to manage your physical and online stores all in the same place! Update and manage your own online stores with no coding or technical experience needed. It is your perfect retail management system – and anyone can do it! See a demo of Connect and what it can do for you!

POS software and hardware

Sound awesome? We think it does!

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Intelligent Retail POS

Connect: Simplicity is everything!

Anyone can use the Connect ePOS till! But that doesn’t mean Connect is lacking in features, you’ll be able to manage special orders, deposits, and back orders. See instant visibility of stock at any location (even on back order) and see your website or eBay orders right from the till! Connect converts a till into a great tool for your staff.

POS and eCommerce

If you do intend to run a website, we make it easy as it can be. Update and manage your own online stores with no coding or technical experience needed. It is your perfect retail management system – and anyone can do it!

Connect POS Hardware

We support a very wide range of hardware and peripherals, old & new, basic & ultra modern. For information on the hardware option in a Connect EPOS software system give our friendly team a call today!



Connect POS hardware and eCommerce

Connect: A modern Point of Sale system for independent retail

Connect is award winning and affordable. Expand into new markets and incorporate your multichannel sales channels, such as eBay with just a few clicks.

  • Innovative stock control designed for retailers to get more of the right products, in the right quantity, at the right time!
  • Connect makes ordering quicker – save money from being tied up with surplus stock.
  • The Connect till is easy to use with sophisticated features built-in to help staff serve customers better and sell more.
  • Easy to run promotions and loyalty program – encourage your customers to come back more often!
  • Connect will help you with stock control, accounts, time management and marketing.

Check us out on Youtube, recordings of keynote speeches at various retail conferences about the importance of POS to grow your business.



Better customer service

A Point of Sale system makes your store look professional and gives customers greater confidence in your business. Connect helps your staff sell more as the visual stock tree makes it so quick to find information on items, as well as locate products and find alternatives.

Promotions and customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with your own loyalty program! They’re so easy to set up in Connect with just a few clicks.

Customer management

All your customer information is held in one central place, whether they buy via the till, mail order or via your website. It is so easy to search and locate a customer. Improve your marketing with detailed demographic information! Many retailers sell to some trade organisations. In Connect you can set them up with the right level of GST, you can give credit terms and set a customer discount. You can also sort the customer list by balance outstanding or debt age for accounts purposes.

Customer Support
Purchase order system

Stock control and sales reports

Connect has an innovative ‘Visual Stock Tree’ to give you instant visibility of your stock whether you need to see a single item, a group, a department or your whole stock! Stocking the right products at the right time is essential, which is why we built-in predictive ordering so you will know how much stock to order, and when. Don’t waste money on excess stock!

Fast and accurate Accounting

The Connect POS System calculates GST, (or any other tax/surcharge) on a product level. At the end of each financial period just click a button and the accounts information is provided for you to send to your accountant or use in any accounts package. This saves hours so you can get on with something more useful!



End of day: Keeping it simple

Simple financial operations and a ‘paper’ trail for your store and website all in one system. Reports can be produced for any period. For example, for the Day to Date, Week, Month or Quarter. Reports can be produced by category and payment type along with GST breakdowns. These can be done across all channels, separately or together.

Creating purchase orders, fast

In Connect, stock replenishment is designed the way you want it to work. Connect has an intelligent predictive ordering engine that lets you know how much to order, and when, based on your actual sales. Then you can print off orders for each supplier in a click. It’s fast and easy!

epos till
POS reporting

Flight Deck

The Flight Deck is an instant, visual look at business performance. Just select from the drop down list of what, when and who and a graph or list will appear in one of the four consoles. Options include profitability, revenue, staff or product analysis by individual location, staff or the whole business.

Retail reports

A wide variety of reports are available. The clever and unique thing is that you can run them from any part of the Visual Stock Tree, so drill in to a specific area of your business, or zoom out for a more general look at performance. There are also reports that are just plan vital for a retailer, like shop floor replenishment, stock holding reports and supplier league tables. Each report can be run over a specific time period. All results can be printed in a PDF or Excel spreadsheet format.

Product management

Manage all aspects of your product from one simple area. Add an image and Connect will size it for your Retail system and your website, so you can see the image anywhere.

Connect makes managing groups of products easy. One of the most powerful aspects of the Visual Stock Tree is the filter which allows you to select groups of products fast. For example select a supplier from a drop down list and only their articles will be displayed. You can add to this a search word or term to refine the filtered list. Once filtered you can manipulate just those selected articles for example; run reports, apply discounts or do a stock take. Connect’s Mass Price Changer allows you to alter costs and prices in a couple of clicks.

With Tags you can give characteristics to your items and customers. You can then report on these characteristics giving you a highly flexible way to view your business.

stock management
Warehouse management software


Connect supports features for large store locations and warehouses including ‘Location’ for each item as well as barcode tracking of all items. The Connect Fulfilment Centre has a suite of functions specific to warehousing.

Remote management

We believe that the architecture of Connect is second to none. Taking advantage of the Internet for real time communication means you can get up to date reports and manage the business from anywhere with a Connect license in Glasgow or London. On the other hand, the tills are self-contained so they do not rely on the Internet to work, making them highly reliable.

Connect POS System