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Connect: True Multichannel

Connect point of sale system allows you to run your retail store and multiple online sales channels – all in one place!

Connect is more than your standard retail management system, it will not only improve your business, but take it to the next level! With Connect, running your retail store and online stores will be easier, quicker and more fun. Save time (and money!) with our easy to use system. Have you thought about entering new markets with an eCommerce website, an eBay store, or even on Amazon, but worried about it being too technical? Don’t worry, Connect can do that too! With our simple drag-and-drop system, you can run your own eCommerce stores in no time!

From software to hardware and on-going Australian based support, Connect is the eCommerce software solutions you’ve been looking for!  Check out Connect!



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Connect is built for multichannel retailing

eCommerce Connect

Connect is amazing as you can easily manage and run online stores all from one place. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to sell online alongside your other sales channels. Connect lets you drag and drop products around from one channel to another, with automatic stock control, one touch controls and centralised information. As specialists in eCommerce, we have also built our fully integrated shopping website engine with class leading features.

We are a multichannel company and we understand the needs of retailers that sell on more than one sales channel. As such, Connect hosts an array of advanced features including the ability to have different product names and different prices on each website, yet all driven from the same central stock… and many more.

Are you already running a website? That’s okay! We provide seamless integration into many well known eCommerce packages via web service. If not, our specialist design team will create a shiny new website for you – check out some of our designs!

How does it all work? Why not schedule a demo today and see how easy it can be to increase your business!