eBay Integration

Connect POS hardware and eCommerce

Join the world’s largest marketing and sales channel with eBay Connect POS System!

Our Point of Sale (POS) system eBay Connect links your physical store to your eBay store. This is not just a feed that the other POS suppliers offer, but a integrated solution. You can have multiple eBay stores, websites or other online channels!

According to eBay, over 52,000 Aussies derive an income from eBay! Take advantage of eBay’s audience with eBay Connect.

Contact us to see it in action!

How does it work?

Simply drag and drop products from your stock inventory to a sales channel, add a difference price or other details if you wish and hit upload!

  • Make changes across all your Connect sales channels quickly and easily!
  • Automatically keep track of stock across all Connect sales channels
  • eBay Connect will guide you through important product attributes

Link your POS system to eBay, websites and more!

It’s that simple!

eBay Connect

Run all core management within eBay Connect

  • Upload products to eBay in a click including images, descriptions and pricing!
  • Create and manage variations of colour, size, weight and more
  • Manage stock control and order fulfillment
  • Central reporting, finance and customer database

You can still handle some specifics in eBay such as:

  • Feedback, returns and other specific eBay features
  • Some specific product attributes

So, with eBay Connect you add and change products super fast. You will deliver higher levels of customer service because you have centralised stock control. This means that customers will give you great feedback and your business will become even more attractive to new customers. eBay Connect saves time as you will can run multiple sales channels together, reducing time spent on day to day tasks. This allows you to concentrate more time on growing your business. Sound good? We think so too! So contact us today to get started!




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Why sell on eBay?

People love eBay for many reasons. It is familiar. It’s easy to find items. The community ethos develops trust. If a seller has a very high feedback rating then they are probably trustworthy. Paying for items is easy. So if you’re not already on eBay, join with eBay Connect and start selling!

  • eBay is the number #1 online shopping destination with millions of people already there browsing and buying products!
  • eBay isn’t just auctions! Did you know that more fixed price items are sold on eBay than auction items!
  • eBay feedback rewards retailers for delivering a high-quality service, a value held by most specialist independent retailers
  • Increase your customer database and sales reach
  • Having a quality shop on eBay can help communicate and reinforce your brand
  • eBay is a brilliant sales channel for getting maximum recovery rates on end of line or excess inventory
  • You can even use multiple eBay stores to further segment or differentiate or sell discounted products!

eBay Connect does…


Update and upload products singularly or in bulk in moments. Spend less time working while selling more!

Intelligent Allocation

Connect reserves sold products for eBay orders and tells other channels (another eBay store or your physical store) those items are not available. It will also make a decision about where the order is fulfilled from.

Central Fulfillment

Sold products are presented alongside orders from your other sales channels for centralised Pick, Pack and Dispatch. When you dispatch an item, Connect automatically updates eBay and other sales channels for you.

Stock Control

Connect will update all your sales channels when items are sold - no fiddly manual control!

Central Updates

Prices can be changed and updated for your eBay store, website and physical store all within Connect for speed and simplicity!

Reporting and BI

With detailed data collection and reporting, know your business inside and out with Connect.

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