Counter Security

How secure is your store?

For independent retail, stock theft, shrinkage and employee fraud has a significant impact on your success or failure.

Connect’s Counter Security option provides integrated video linked with POS and receipt data together, to easily monitor transactions either historically, or in real time!

Through Connect’s Counter Security we provide you with valuable evidence that can be easily exported for use in legal disputes or distributed to public authorities. Connect is a full retail management system, and enables you to solve a multitude of problems facing your store operations.


Retail Security

Real-time monitoring

Can you use video surveillance to detect fraud? Have video, POS and receipt data together available for your store!

Video and transaction data can be displayed alongside one another, so you can easily verify if goods are being scanned correctly.

Is your store this secure?

Reacting on specific items

Can you be notified when certain products are sold? With Connect Counter Security you can receive a notification each time specific products are scanned in a POS system.

This notification can change the video frame rate, start recording or move a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to a fixed preset, ensuring you record video evidence of the incident.

Investigating transactions

Verify method of payments with Connect Counter Security. Search for specific items and Connect can provide you with a time-synchronized interface displaying the video from the corresponding camera at that exact time. Quickly see and verify a transaction in which an employee applied discounts or gift cards.

How secure is your store? In some cases, the amount of money lost every week is measured in thousands!

Monitor transactions with linked video and transaction data with Connect’s Counter Security!  Save on stock theft, shrinkage and employee fraud, which has a significant impact on your success or failure.

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