SASWA – Giftwares, Homewares

In the four months since we have the system it is already keeping costs down, it's absolutely  fantastic - Liam, Director

— SASWA – Giftwares, Homewares

Saswa is a successful gift shop in Cardiff and has been trading for over 6 years. In that time they have builta reputation for selling beautifully unusual jewellery and gifts from around the world. Saswa use Connect Retail System at the heart of their successful multichannel business.

Connect gave Saswa the ability to easily sell across multiple channels. They now reorder more quickly across all selling channels, they run with lighter stock and operate in a leaner way. They were also able to identify which slower moving lines should not be reordered as everything was being measured from a profit perspective. Within 6 months their stock value had reduced by 22%. This released cash into the business for other activities including online marketing.

By the end of the first year their revenues had increased by 115% from the online channels as well as improved trading from better stock selection in the shop. This was way in excess of their initial target of 40%. And the best thing about it is they didn’t have to invest in extra staff to achieve this growth.