Best Inventory Management Software for Online Businesses

28 Dec Best Inventory Management Software for Online Businesses

It is a common belief among online businesses that selling products on multiple marketplaces makes you more money and increases business exponentially. There is some truth to this, however, selling on multiple marketplaces can lose you money if you don’t have the best inventory management software.

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Managing stock control on multiple sites can cause unnecessary stress! Intelligent Retail®’s Connect software specialises in multichannel solutions for independent retailers. Make your life easier and to make you more money.

Intelligent Retail® can help you manage your products more easily. Our Connect inventory management software will help you effectively keep track of your inventory and sales all in one platform, even if you are selling on a variety of marketplaces such as eBay. We are market leaders in selling on multiple platforms, so you only have to visit one location to manage your inventory!

Our mission is to help you manage your inventory more effectively without having to keep up with who bought what on different sites. Intelligent Retail®’s Connect inventory management software helps you keep track of where losses stem from and how you can better combat factors that are negatively affecting your sales. A few common ways many retailers are failing to correctly control selling on multiple platforms are: losing track of inventory, failing to expand on the most popular products, and not devoting enough time to successful marketing techniques.

  1. You are losing track of your inventory.

By selling on multiple online marketplaces, you can start losing track of your current stock inventory. Because there are so many separate sites to check, it can be easy to put checking inventory stats on the back burner because your time is limited. This causes a back order and discourages buyers! Managing your products and stores from one platform with our inventory management software makes keeping track easier. Connect shows web orders directly at the till enabling staff to pick and pack products quickly and fulfill orders promptly.

  1. You are finding it difficult to expand on your popular products.

Sometimes, online businesses believe offering the largest range of products will bring the most income. Even if this means selling on five different online sites. The problem is, when you focus on quantity, you fail to notice what products are selling the best and how to promote them and introduce new inventory related to those products. With our tools for online businesses, all your customer information will be stored and managed in one location. You can combine online orders with in-store purchases to more effectively keep up with what products are the most popular. By promoting the best selling products, you can expand your inventory by appealing to a certain type of consumer looking for products related to their interests.

  1. You are not devoting enough time to marketing.

Our Connect software for online businesses makes it easy to search for a certain customer segment so you can market to these customers in a personal way. Once you narrow down the customers you are searching for, you can create marketing lists. These lists combine names and contact information so when you are ready to send out a marketing campaign, it can be efficiently accomplished.


When your time and focus is being pulled in several different directions, it’s difficult to find extra time to devote to marketing that will grow your business. By keeping track of inventory and purchases, it is easier to send out targeted emails to consumers who have particular interests. When using our Connect inventory management software to manage your sales and inventory from one platform, you will also have more time available for sending out important reminder emails and to interact with customers through more effective marketing campaigns. Spend more time working on your business, not in it!

For more information about how Intelligent Retail’s Connect can improve your inventory management and sales contact us now.

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