Point of Sale Maintenance

03 May Point of Sale Maintenance

Your new Connect point of sale software is set up, your POS hardware is all shiny and new and you start selling! Retailers rely on their point of sale system every day. While your POS system continues to work tirelessly, it’s important to know that both software and hardware need to be maintained to perform at their best.

Top 3 tips to maintain your POS system

Keeping your system up to date and maintained is easy! We look into some basic tasks that anyone can do.Blog pos maintenance

1) Product Organisation
Keeping your products organised within your POS is just as important as how they’re organised on the shelves! For example, sports shoes and high heels will be in different parts of your store and this should be replicated within your point of sale system.

Connect gives you full control of how your products are sorted, both within your physical store and your website stores within folders called Categories. Bad organisation can mean confusion for you and your staff! Keeping this simple and clean is key to success.

2) Using Connect’s Optimization Tool
Your POS system contains important information on your customers, products, suppliers and transactions. Although this is backed up within the cloud, it is good practice to keep your Connect database clean.If there is too much data, may find Connect running a little slower than usual.

Connect has inbuilt optimization tool which ensures the data and information is kept clean and maintained. This is especially designed to ensure the system is running at its best!

3) Clear desktop, clear mind!
We all want everything right where we need it all the time, instantly! So sometimes files, folders and apps are piled up onto the desktop or home screen. Suddenly there’s so many things there you can’t find what’s need quickly, creating the very opposite of what was wanted! This can cause your POS system to be slow to start, as your computer or tablet is busy reading all those items on the home screen.

The solution is simple, clear desktop, clear mind!  It’s not just your POS which will benefit from a clean and organised environment but you and your staff will benefit too!


For more tips on how to keep your POS software running at its best, contact our team today!