Online Sales Channels: Expanding Your Business Reach

04 Jan Online Sales Channels: Expanding Your Business Reach

We live in a 24/7 connected world, everything is available to us whenever we want it and wherever we are. Anything that is not available runs the risk of being passed over and ignored. This especially applies to retail, where people can shop from the comfort of their home or from work and never set foot in a traditional store. So if your retail business is looking for the next “big thing” when it comes to driving sales growth, you seriously need to look into your options for utilising online sales channels.

Increase sales on your website

Easy to use websites with full ebay and amazon integration

Most small businesses avoid online sales because of the fear associated with establishing a web store. However, there are a number of options available to small businesses when it comes to setting up a website and building an online store. The benefit of having your own online sales site is that you are in control of everything. Intelligent Retail®’s Connect software makes it super easy to run your website! We will design your website with our qualified design team to achieve great results, check out our portfolio!

If you choose not to open your own web store, there are plenty of other third-party options available. eBay, which started as an online auction site, has become one of the biggest names in online retail. For a nominal fee, eBay will help you sell your product through their website. eBay has a massive following of loyal follower – why go searching for new customers when there are potential customers on eBay already looking for your products?

Intelligent Retail® specialises in helping you sell on eBay and online. With our simple tools, you can run your business from the one piece of software. This will help eliminate some of the hassle associated with running and online store while expanding your freedom and increasing your profits.

Whether you choose to open your own online store or use a third-party site, your business will benefit from opening an online sales channel. We want to help your retail business succeed! When it comes to online sales channels, our Connect software makes it easy to meet your sales goals. When you are ready to get started, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you