Galleria – Jewellery

Looks great! Very modern and reflects the values of the shop. The old cash register sent out all the wrong messages to our customers.

— Galleria – Jewellery

Galleria Jewellers has been in business for 5 years. Based in Northumberland they sell contemporary modern jewellery. Two years ago they had a single store and website when they installed a Connect EPoS system, they have now grown the business to 2 stores and 2 websites. Here is how the Connect EPoS system has significantly reduced costs and lifted revenue.

How the EPoS system reduced costs

Reduced spend on stock. This has transformed the business. They now order more frequently and in smaller quantities, saving money from being tied up in stock.

Improved ordering. Connect tells them which items need to be reordered based on intelligent analysis of sales trends. The timesaving element is significant. Before they had to go through the trays and see what was needed, they didn’t really know what we sold and it all took ages compared to the simple way they order in Connect.

Reduced overstocking. The volume of lines that were over-stocked has been significantly reduced because they order the right things far more often.

How the EPoS system improved revenue

Accurately projected what was needed for Christmas 2008. They saw what was sold Oct – Dec 2007, projected the growth of the business and ordered accordingly. It was so accurate! There were no cases of being overstocked and had the right amount to sell. Before the system was installed this would never happen, they would always have extra stock that wasn’t selling.

Improved use of store space. They pick a supplier and see how much revenue is being generated. It has genuinely helped in making decisions to drop certain suppliers allowing them to use the shelf space for better selling lines.

How the EPos system helped in the shop

Connect is so easy to use. Team in the shop have never touched a computer before. Kath never thought she would use the system but quickly found herself using it every day to add stock and run the till. Looks very professional as well.

Looks great! Very modern and reflects the values of the shop. The old cash register sent out all the wrong messages to our customers.

Fast customer service. The separate card machine used a telephone line and seemed so slow. We now save the telephone line rental, now Connect integrated chip and pin uses broadband. It is so much quicker, more or less instant authorisation. Accuracy is 100%, as staff cannot type in a wrong value because it’s linked to the till sale. Also saves space on the counter. There has been no increase in costs as the rental is the same as my old machine, and I have saved on the telephone line. Also they save a fortune on till rolls for the old machine. The most important aspect is a nicer customer experience, customers feel they are in a more modern shop.

Import Wizards make it so quick to add new products. Over 2,000 products are input in one go in 15 minutes and this includes images! It just works, and the image is even formatted all the same size.