How To Increase Sales On My Website

Because we built the website, we are in the best position to optimise it!

Did you know it can take over a year for Google to index your site properly? If you want additional revenue, you need to drive traffic through via a number of means, including SEO and PPC. We can help, and offer a range of tips and tricks you can do yourself.

Search engine marketing

You can boost your online revenues by marketing your website. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management services will increase your rankings, sales and brand visibility online, while minimising your search engine marketing costs.

Introduction to marketing your website

Internet sales grow each year, and with over 80% of people using search engines to find products online, search engine placement is a vital part of your retail marketing strategy.

Finding the right partner is very difficult though. It takes years of experience to fully understand the technology behind what makes a website rank highly. We have been researching the SEO market for the last 5 years. In the first 2 years, we were working with different companies, none of which could deliver a service we would want to offer. So in early 2008, we created our own. A very transparent, ethical service that we feel offers the best value for money. Because we built the website, we are in the best position to optimise it in a cost effective way for your market.

Increase sales on your website

Range of complementary services

Search engines and directories can be influenced by search engine optimisation. Google, Bing and Yahoo account for 90% of all Internet searches. We optimise with Google in mind as they have the lion’s share of search in Australia.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Independent studies have shown that search engine optimisation provides far better results than any other form of marketing online. There are no secrets to SEO, just good practice and honesty. The right way is to optimise for your audience, not the search engines. This ethical approach is recommended by Google, Yahoo and Bing as no underhand techniques are deployed. The search engines will reward the site in the longer term with almost no risk of being penalised.

The key values of our SEO service are:

  • Transparent – we will communicate what we will do, then we will do it.
  • Ethical – we never try and trick the search engines, we use best practice techniques and follow advice from the search engines themselves.
  • Best value – because we know how our eCommerce platform works, we are in the best position to enhance the existing optimisation that is already in place.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising (Google AdWords)

There is so much more to Google AdWords than putting an advert together. It is essential that the whole customer experience is considered to convert more of your investment to sales. Google give your campaign a Quality Score; the higher the score, the higher you will appear in the listings, even higher than those paying more than you. Conversely, you will appear lower if you have a poor quality score.

Our experts will set up a professional campaign and take care of the customer experience though to landing on your website at the right page with the right messages. Our service is proven to work; we have improved customers’ Click Through Ratios by as much as 700%.

Get the most effective service from our in house expert. The Google AdWords program will be delivered by our qualified AdWords staff to get you the best results, fast.

Online Shopping


Actually, both! PPC and SEO mesh together perfectly. PPC is a great short term solution, although it will get expensive to rely on this long term. SEO takes a while to get going but then is a very efficient source of marketing and is the best longer term solution. Sometimes PPC can be used longer term to top up SEO in certain areas, but customers should not look to rely solely on AdWords. As the diagram below shows, they mesh beautifully together. PPC is perfect for creating short term traffic and as the SEO starts having an effect, customers can reduce their spend on PPC giving an efficient mix of online marketing.

An eye-tracking study by Dutch market research firm shows people who search with a view to buying looked at more results than those who merely searched for information, of these:

  1. Organic results were viewed most often – 98% of people looked at the organic results, while only 95% of people looked at the sponsored results. This indicates there are some people who ignore the sponsored listings.
  2. On average, 9 search results combining organic and sponsored results were viewed before the first click. The average number of organic results viewed was 6 and 3 for the sponsored links.
  3. On average, consumers spent 10.4 seconds on a page to view the search results. Organic results were viewed 8.8 seconds on average. The sponsored results at the top and on the right attracted less attention, and were viewed for 2.2 seconds respectively.
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