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A professional and cost effective AdWords program.

About PPC: Consistent keyword focus both lowers cost and increases quality site traffic. What Google perceives as a successful ad does not necessarily match your business objectives. We test your adds from multiple dimensions to find the combination that maximizes its effectiveness. Contact us to discuss how our PPC program can benefit your retail business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing – Google AdWords
Google has the vast majority of the market in search traffic so Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an obvious choice to kick start your website in making a return on its investment. However, with a DIY approach you can spend of a lot of money unnecessarily.

Intelligent Retail® can kick start your website the right way by creating a professional and cost effective AdWords program for you. The results will speak for themselves!

adwords_certified_partner_web_80x80_EN_GBWe’re AdWords Qualified!
Google AdWords certified companyIntelligent Retail® is a Google AdWords certified Partner, with in-house Google trained staff, so you get the very best advice from the outset!


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Strategic Google AdWords Campaign

This is how our professional approach works. Our AdWords program includes;

  • A selection of most effective keywords
  • Writing the AdWords advertisements using best practice
  • Landing page optimisation.
  • Selecting effective keyphrases

It is very easy to generate traffic to your website using AdWords. What is important is generating traffic from visitors that have a higher probability of purchasing, those that are further along the buying process.

Optimise Advert text

The advert text is essential. It has to attract potential buyers using your key selling messages. High quality advert text will give you a better ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR) which is the percentage of people who click through to your advert. And there is an additional benefit, Google gives a Quality Score to those adverts with higher CTR because they are more useful to users. This makes Google a better search engine and in return they will give you a better position for less money.

Optimise Landing page

The landing page is another essential part of the campaign. Visitors will want to feel as though they have landed on the right place to buy the product they are looking for. We will optimise the landing page to do this and increase the conversion ratio. Also, the optimised landing page will have an important impact on your Google Quality Score.

What we will do

We will analyse and recommend 10 phrases for you to advertise against. You can select 5 of these that you prefer, eg; “Calvin Klein Hats”. Choosing the right phrases makes the difference to profitable campaigns.

Create Google AdWords for your chosen 5 phrases.
Create up to 2 banner ads for your website landing pages so that anyone clicking on your advert lands on a highly relevant page. This is proven to significantly increase you conversion.
Optimize the AdWords and landing pages for Google and the customer.
Set up the AdWords to not exceed your budget limits and monitor for the first month.

Proven Results

Last year on average we improved customers Click Through Ratio alone by between 200% and 2,000%. This is where they had been doing their own AdWords campaign previously. This has a positive knock on effect on the Google Quality rating which will help the advert get higher up the rankings, even above those who pay more money per click.

Kick Start Offer

For our customer who purchase websites from us we have a Kick Start Offer where we create a professional AdWords program and run for one month at just $470, normally priced at $700! After the first month the service can be continued at a much reduced rate as we have already completed the setup*

We recommend you take the offer when you launch your website, it will show you how to run a campaign properly and get you off to a good start. If you do, please check out our top 5 tips on running a successful adwords campaign.

* Subject to availability.