eCommerce retail with eBay – why it’s good for smaller retailers!

27 Apr eCommerce retail with eBay – why it’s good for smaller retailers!

The traditional shopping experience is no more and hasn’t been for some time with eCommerce and mobile commerce taking a massive share of the Australian retail market for years. So how do you maintain and grow your retail business’ market share? One simple solution is eBay. Years ago, it was the treasure trove of second hand shopping. However it is no longer the place customers go to buy vintage clothes and old lounge suite!ebay logo

eBay is loved by millions of customers all over the world, with Australia no exception! There are so many reasons why, it’s easy to use, sellers ratings develop trust, paying for items is easy, especially with PayPal.

Isn’t eBay just Auctions?

No! A paper published by Standford University looked into eBay auctions and
found that over 85 per cent of items sold on eBay are brand new!  Yes, 85% and this figure keeps growing…

Why? Because customers don’t want to wait around for days for an auction to end, customers want their products now.

This isn’t a surprise to eBay, as they have been focused on moving the company away from a bidding format for some time. Back in 2008, they released major updates to their search algorithm which focused more on relevance, rather than auction start/end times, pushing a shift towards fixed price items.

eBay for small retailers

eBay is simply another multichannel retailing platform, however this one comes with millions of customers for you to access. It’s like joining a gigantic shopping centre but without the insane overheads!

It’s no wonder brands such as Target, Good Guys, Officeworks, Big W and more sell via their eBay stores. And we’re not talking about clearance items, but full priced, big ticket products!

If you’re a small retailer adding another selling channel can be daunting, but the rewards can be far greater than your fears.

Top 4 biggest drawbacks selling on eBay


The most common reason we hear of people not selling in eBay is time. Using eBay directly, it can take considerable time loading hundreds of products onto eBay one by one! Our software Connect allows you to upload products already in you stock database in moments!

eBay Integration

Awesome, you’ve sold products on eBay! Now how do you update your stock database? This issue is often overlooked by retailers entering eCommerce, however Connect has full eBay integration, meaning when something is sold from your eBay store, Connect automatically updates your stock levels across your other online sales channels including your physical store, online website, even other eBay stores!

Product Management

Need to update a range of products which are already on eBay? No need to manually go into each product, Connect will help you update and upload products singularly or in bulk quickly and easily.

Reporting and Business Information

Selling on eBay is awesome, but paperwork and reporting isn’t. If your eBay store isn’t linked to your other stores, you will have multiple databases and information – one for each store! Reporting is so important, as it is your crucial business information telling you how your business is going.

The biggest risk a retailer can take is not to grow and adapt!

See how Connect can help you sell on eBay or  Contact our team today for FREE demonstration of how Connect will transform your business.