Case Study: How Connect changed Repressed Records

15 Feb Case Study: How Connect changed Repressed Records

♪ Listen to the Music! ♫ Repressed Records

Repressed Records has increased their customer base and are enjoying more time to work ON their business instead of IN with Intelligent Retail®‘s solutions!

Repressed Records is located in the Hip Inner Sydney City suburb of Newtown, and has been running for 13 years. It is best known for being the home of Australian independent music specialising in DIY, punk, alternative and according to owner and operator Chris Sammut and “whatever is good that deserves to be heard”. Repressed Records also imports vinyls, buys and sells second-hand vinyl and sell rad t-shirts and pre-loved books.

Prior to installing to Connect Retail POS System, Chris recalls that he had several issues. “We had always enjoyed the support of a loyal, but a small customer base. One big issue we had was that my POS system was not integrated with my eCommerce channel. This posed several problems for both the customer and our store.”

“My online store stock was mostly out of sync with my actual stock holding.
This meant that my online customers would often purchase products that I no longer had in stock,
which created a bad shopping experience and often caused disappointment for my customers”.

“We were then losing time in processing customer’s refunds and losing our credibility and sales! This would happen up to 5 to 10 times per day. It had to change! I would stay back after the day’s trading update my online stock values and still couldn’t keep on top of it. It had to change! Now with Connect Retail POS System with integrated eCommerce solutions, I have this completely covered. It’s great and easy! This has resulted in many benefits for my business”.

Increased Customer Shopping Experience

Customers can now shop with confidence and we no longer waste time in contacting customers to let them know that we no longer have that item in stock and processing refunds. Having the correct stock values is also driving customers to the store. Many of our customers browse our online store and when they find and item they like, they can see how many we have in stock so they come in store to buy. They also browse other items invariably finding additional items to purchase.

Repressed Records even had Elton John stop in!

“British musician Elton John dropped by Repressed Records in Newton while in the country for his All The Hits tour.
Mr Sammut said there was no mistaking John’s rose-tinted glasses as he sifted through a crate of second-hand vinyls.

“He seemed pretty organised, he had a list of the ones he wanted and the ones he didn’t have, it was all written down,”
Mr Sammut told the ABC.” Source: ABC 

Regained 2 hours per day…Repressed Records Store Front

“I have saved at least 2 hours per day in not having to manually maintain / update product quantities on my online store because of Intelligent Retail®‘s integrated eCommerce solutions! This has had a huge benefit to my business. I now use those two hours to write my blogs, newsletters and maintain my presence in Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube which is extremely important to keep my customers informed.

With so much independent music being released, the MUSIC MUST BE EXPLAINED, I find this approach really works for me. It keeps customers coming back to store to discuss the music and wanting hear it. I find that my blogs, newsletters, and social media posts are an extension of personality and my store and customers respond well to it.

Prior to Connect, I simply did not have the time to spend to promote the music and keep customers well informed, – this has been a big transformation to my business! Having the flexibility to access my system remotely is fantastic!  On my days off, I can still see daily sales, add items to sell in-store and online.

Increased dollar per transaction

We have found that the customer shopping basket has increased substantially! Before Connect, the average shopping basket used to be 1 item, now we find that the average shopping basket is 5 items. While this may be due to Free Shipping to basket over $100, this wouldn’t be possible without Connect helping to drive my business forward. I am very happy.

Better Visibility of StockRepressed Records Store front

We sell many products on consignment. An independent artist would send us a box of the new releases albums to sell on consignment. Prior to Connect, we had to spend a lot of time in consolidating online and in-store sales in order to remit payments to the artist. This was really time consuming. Now with connect, we simply run a report and figures and instant and accurate.

Revenue up by 10%

I am really happy with implementing Connect Retail point of sale software. Connect came at the right time for me and my business. I have found that with Connect Retail POS System and the eCommerce integration has made a big difference to my bottom line – Sales are up by 10%. And while we still face many challenges ahead, I feel that with Connect it provides me with the tools to work on increasing my business.

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