18 Jul Top 5 tips to grow your Retail Business!

#1  Buy Better! Cash flow is so important to small retail business! You cannot afford to ‘waste’ your cash flow on excess products on the shelves. It’s also a balancing act to have enough stock, so that you don’t lose out on sales, when and how...

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13 Jul Data imports and migration

Data is key! From product information, pricing and images, to customer contact details for marketing - without your business data, your business is dead in the water! One of the most common issues retailers face with their Point of Sale (POS) system is the time it takes...

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05 Jul Top 3 things you need in a professional POS System

With so many different suppliers and packages for POS retail management systems available, finding the right POS system for you can be a daunting task! Intelligent Retail have created the ‘POS Checklist’ to help you find the right system to help empower your retail business. 1)...

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20 Jun Top 5 tips for email newsletters

Never underestimate the power of personalised marketing! EDM (email direct marketing) can be amazing when used correctly, allowing you to talk directly to your customers with personalised offers and incentives. A successful retail EDM campaign offers insightful and helpful knowledge or offers for your client. How...

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08 Jun The best eCommerce Solution: eBay or Website?

Connect retail management system is an amazing online store software and POS system. Connect integrates eBay and retail web stores. This gives you amazing control, as when a product sells on eBay, Connects updates your website, physical store stock and vice versa! It’s a retail POS,...

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10 May How to thrive as an independant retail store

The Intelligent Retail® team recently spent a week on the road meeting with owners of independent retail businesses as part of the upcoming launch of our Business Intelligence Reporting System (BI). We were looking for insights as to why some in the retail industry are...

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06 May Digital Retail Trends for 2016

Online shopping has been around for some time but moving through 2016 we’ll see more of a shift towards new technologies, particularly with retailers branching out across multiple sales channels. eCommerce has turned into a buzz word of old. Short for ‘electronic commerce’, our digital world...

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05 May CASE STUDY: HAMLEYS, The Family Face of Retail

Developing a game-changer for Hamleys retailer Intelligent Retail® and Island Pacific, both part of the 3Q group, joined forces to create a tailored and unique system for Hamleys, the 'The Finest Toyshop in the World’. Intelligent Retail®, founded in 2004, was the first company to design a multichannel solution specifically for the needs of...

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03 May Point of Sale Maintenance

Your new Connect point of sale software is set up, your POS hardware is all shiny and new and you start selling! Retailers rely on their point of sale system every day. While your POS system continues to work tirelessly, it’s important to know that both software...

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